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MIYAY Blackheads remover peel off black mask

Blackheads and clogged pores are very common and can affect the overall texture of your skin.

This peel-off removal black mask removes blackheads and cleans the pores to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Using a black mask regularly creates smoother, softer skin that is free from large pores and blackheads. Keeping your skin clean with a mask can also help lower the chances for acne.

How to use MIYAY blackhead peel-off mask:

  1. Clean your face with make-up remover and use a hot towel or cotton to open your pores
  2. Apply a good layer of the deep cleansing black mask to your face, avoiding the eye area and other areas that have a lot of hair

  3. Relax and allow the black mask to fully dry (10-15 mins).

  4. Once the black mask had dried, you can start to peel off areas of the mask from the bottom to the top. You will see skin flakes and blackheads attached to the inside of the black mask. (Note : You might feel a little pain when peel it off . Please don't worry , it is normal )

  5. Using the hot towel to cool your skin and reduce the uncomfortable feeling and to finish it clean your face with cold water for close your pores.

  6. After you dry your face, you can use your moisturizing products and your makeup.

With regular use (1/week), you will notice that there are fewer blackheads on your nose and the rest of your face. Many times, large pores will be less noticeable because they are clean. In just a few uses, your skin will look much healthier, cleaner, and brighter.

Most of the time, using a moisturizer daily reduces the amount of oil that your skin produces. It is recommended that you use a good quality moisturizer to keep the results from using the Shills black mask. By doing this, you can also see a decrease in the amount of acne you have.

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